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012316 -  LenzO iPhone 6/6s Spec Sheet



Press Release 012517 -   Press Release



011916  -  LenzO for iPhone 6/6S FRONT YELLOW

011916  -  LenzO for iPhone 6/6S FRONT BLACK

011916  -  LenzO for iPhone 6/6S BACK YELLOW

011916  -  LenzO for iPhone 6/6S BACK BLACK


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6/6s to 7 Conversion Kit


The product was awesome! Easy to use and photos turned out great!

Unbelievable product

I almost spent over 1k on a camera and casing and everything else that comes with it ! The reality is that this casing is spectacular. I took it diving in Malaysia and without a shadow of a doubt the use of ease as well as the quality of Images taken are unparalleled. I am glad I made this purchase- it can be a trial and error but I recommend practicing first so you don’t have to spend time unlocking the camera in the water 30m down!

Thanks and great product again

Surprising Quality of Construction and Design

The quality of this housing surpassed my expectations. Very solid build and design. It is a bit tricky using the buttons for touch screen through the housing but considering this is tested to be waterproof to 100 meters what would you expect. Very pleased with quality of video. The dome port works well with iPhone 6s giving better coverage than GoPro Hero 5 and 6 when shooting 4K video.


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