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ValsTech would like to give special thanks to all of the Kickstarter backers that contributed to the development of the LenzO ® for iPhone 7 and LenzO ® for iPhone 7 Plus. Their support will help the LenzO ® reach new depths, so that divers and water enthusiasts of all kinds can become the underwater explorers of the future.

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Grip bracket

The bracket is very useful for diving with only one hand and shoot photo! Also the holes on the handles are ok for all arms and lights supports.
Great job guys!

Very nice

Worked well in deep diving and wreck diving explorations. Love this thing!

Very well designed

I haven't used it in the water yet but I have several lenzo housings and this fits perfectly. Well constructed. I know it will work well with my Big Blue lights.


Love it

its very nice case i like

nice case