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LenzO® for iPhone 7 & 8

$279.00 $379.00 saving $100.00
LenzO® for iPhone 7 & 8 - ValsTech, Inc., Underwater Housings - Lenzo, Underwater Housings - underwater case

LenzO® for iPhone 7 & 8

$279.00 $379.00 saving $100.00

The same awesome features and safety that was built into our iPhone 6/6s housing is what you get with our iPhone 7/8 housing. Our iPhone 7/8 housing has a corrected dome port which allows for perfect centering of the new camera position of the iPhone 7 & 8, a capacitive touch home button, and adjusted filter assembly.

LenzO™ Optics
• Optical dome lens designed for smartphone use, both on land and underwater 
• Optical domes are scratch resistant with anti-reflective coating
• Underwater field of view same as on land 
• No distortion or soft corners     
• Unique dome port safety locking mechanism
• Built-in optical selfie dome lens   
• Two internal “flip” UR Pro color correction filters for accurate underwater colors
LenzO™ Controls
• Ergonomically designed controls with access to all smartphone camera functions, including 4K mode
• Access to stills, video, bursts, panoramic, time-lapse, and square shooting modes
• Sleep/Wake push button saves battery and reduces overheating 
LenzO™ Smartphone Protection
• Depth rated and tested to 100 meters
• Smartphone retaining system keeps phone secure
• User friendly safety lock aides in opening and secures proper sealing

Other Features
• No special apps to install. Works with native camera app
• Dual tripod mounts 
• Compact and lightweight

  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Lens Cap
  • Spare O-Ring Kit with Silicone
  • 2 Spare contact tips
  • Silica packs
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Instruction Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Very well made heavy duty case can’t wait to try it!


LenzO® for iPhone 7 & 8

Lenzo for iPhone 7/8

I had the Lenzo iPhone 6/6s and LOVED it. So much so, that when I got a new phone, I was sure to get the Lenzo for it! Have taken it to depth many, many times and have NEVER been disappointed with the quality of pics or video. With all the buttons and levers I am able to fully operate my phone like switching between photo modes (photo, video, selfie - yes I take selfies beneath the surface). It's also so easy to use the coloured filters. The photo/video quality even exceeds some dive cameras quality. The great part is, that with the Lenzo, everything is already on my phone and I can Airdrop or post immediately to social media as soon as I get to surface.



Great case, few minor issues, would recommend.

I absolutely love the case for my iPhone, I have tested it in the shallows and it has shot some amazing footage. I believe the only let down for me is a small spot of scratches visible once opened from new right on the centre of the lense, resulting in a wee bit of blur in the photographs.
One other minor point, making no difference to the functionality of the case, is that sand seems to get stuck inside the springs in all of the buttons, making them less smooth to push. For the cases locking latch it is sometimes necessary to play around with the button to make it come back out and lock as sand can wedge it in the pressed position. This is generally fixed with a good rinse of fresh water.
I would definitely recommend putting some anti fog on the inside of the lense as well, sometimes after washing the sand out it will fog up even if it seems to be completely dry.
Ultimately, this is a very good case and I am excited to start taking it SCUBA diving with me from next week on.