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V-Series for iPhone X

$400.00 $665.00 saving $265.00
V-Series for iPhone X - ValsTech, Inc., Underwater Housings - Lenzo, Underwater Housings - underwater case

V-Series for iPhone X

$400.00 $665.00 saving $265.00

*Video of V-Series for iPhone X Pro Package

Machined from aluminum, the V-Series housing for iPhone X puts all the needed camera controls right at your finger tips. Designed by photographers for photographers, the V-Series takes full advantage of the iPhone X’s imaging capabilities. Exceptional exposure control, extended dynamic range, outstanding noise reduction, color fidelity, and new levels of sharpness and detail, make the iPhone X the ultimate smartphone to use for underwater imaging. With the ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second, the iPhone X is the ultimate underwater imaging camera for all divers. Gone are the days of packing and carrying cases of underwater photo gear. 

  • -Depth Rating 100 Meters. Each unit pressure tested to 328 ft.
  • -Machined from solid aluminum and anodized black
  • -Weight 2.037 pounds in Air, 0.66 pounds in seawater
  • -Dimensions 8.0”x3.8”x3.5” with lens
  • -2 External Swing Arm controls. Operational to 100m/328 ft.
  • -2 internal underwater color correction filter, externally operated.
  • -Interchangeable quick release lens ports.
  • -Safety Latch external locking mechanism
  • -iPhone internal safety locking mechanism
  • -External Audio pick up system
  • -2 external pushbutton switches power on/off and record
  • -6 threaded holes 1/4-20 UNC for video lights and accessories.



Has everything you need to get started right out of the box

  • Includes

    - Lanyard
    - Lens Cap
    - Spare-O-Rings
    - Lens Cloth
    - Silicone Lubricant
    - Spare Contact Tips
    - Silica Packs
    - Quick Guide

    *Pro Packages also include Wide Angle Lense and Grip & Light Bracket / Image is of the V-Series for iPhone X Pro Package

  • Weight and Dimensions

    - Height: 12.8cm, Width: 21.7cm, Depth: 9.6cm
    - Weight 2.037 pounds in Air, 0.66 pounds in sea water
    - Material: PC, ABS

  • 3rd party Accessory Compatibility

    6 threaded holes 1/4-20 UNC for video lights and accessories. Our dual tripod mounts allow for our housing to be compatible with most third-party grips, lights and mountable accessories.

  • 3rds party Apps Compatibility

    There are several third-party apps that have been specifically designed to be used with the V-Series. ReefID can be used to identify marine life while
    underwater, while Land & Sea can be used to easily color correct your underwater shots once you're back on land.

Innovative Swing-Arms Mechanism

- Gives you the ability to touch your iPhone’s screen, something no other housing can do

- All your iPhone’s camera functions are available underwater. Easily change settings, between 4k video, panoramic, or macro and more...

- No need to use a third party application which often limits what you can do

Built-in Durable Filters

- High quality internal color correction filters are included.

- Adapt to the water color with the simple flick of a switch.

- Externally operated and quickly switchable.

Patented Dome Lense

- Optical dome lens designed for smartphone use, both on land and underwater

- Scratch resistant with anti-reflective coating

- No distortion or soft corners. Underwater field of view same as on land 

- Unique dome port safety locking mechanism. No tools needed to change or remove.

Everything is the details

The most feature packed iPhone housing on the market

V-Series iPhone X and 11Pro / Pro Package - ValsTech, Inc., Underwater Housings - Lenzo, Underwater Housings - underwater case
  • Robust Aluminium Casing

    Machined from solid aluminum and anodized black - No risk of bending or deformation  - The most solid case we ever built

  • Audio In and Out

    Listen to your music underwater while decompressing or record underwater sound

  • Two Secure iPhone Locking Mechanics

    Even though Apple has a limited waterproof warranty, our housings have an internal phone and external body locking mechanics that click securely into place for greater piece of mind

  • Convenient External Buttons

    On/Off Control to save battery life - Quick record and access to gallery view

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
J. Muba
Perfect for use - minor flaw

I bought the V-series housing after I had seen it in use by our dive guide. So I knew what to expect and was fully satisfied.
There are a few tricks to learn as a beginner, but having access to all iPhone camera features is perfect - it is the same GUI that you are using everyday and the feature set is huge.
I experienced a minor flaw, when the locking bolt got loose form the plastic lever and I had trouble to open the housing after a dive. That was stressful, because your everyday communication device is so close but out of reach. Finally figured out how to resolve that issue, but it would be good if Valstech could explain such fixes online to help future customers who might run into that. (Technically: I know that a metal-plastic joint is tricky, in particular when exposed to heat (sunlight) and temperature changes. So this could happen to others in the future as well...)
Overall I am very happy and look forward to many more dives with the V-series housing.

Bert Trim
Vals Tech iPhone X

Very high quality. Have not used it underwater yet. Everything functions as promised.

Juliana Menegucci
Great Overall Experience

The Valstech team responsible for customer service is great and extremely attentive and helpful. I purchased the V-Series for iPhone X housing and the delivery in Brazil was done in about two weeks (which is great).
I had the opportunity to test it twice so far and the housing worked perfectly and the photos I took were great. The housing is very robust and easy to use, therefore I am very satisfied with the product I purchased. I ended up regretting not having bought the Pro Package with the additional accessories, which I did now (I hope to be as satisfied with the Pro Package acessories as I am with the housing itself).

Lyndsy Woods
So far so good!

Enjoying the V series so far - Just took it on a few dives and enjoyed it. I think I need to practice more with it to really achieve the desired pictures but happy with my purchase. The housing is very durable. It does have some weight to it and feels a little bulky (especially when getting in and out of the water) but makes me also feel secure about diving with my phone! Customer Service is great and are extremely attentive and helpful. I do wish that it came with a case for travel and that the lenses had a rear cover to protect when not in use. For such an expensive phone housing I think this should be something that is included (this is my reasoning of 4 stars).

Stefan Laager
Great product, very fast shipment

The V series is a great product, we enjoy working with it!
Shipment to Europe was very fast, within 2 days we received the package.