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HOUSING for iPhone 7 & 8

HOUSING for iPhone 7 & 8 - ValsTech, Inc., Underwater Housings - Lenzo, Underwater Housings - underwater case

HOUSING for iPhone 7 & 8


The same awesome features and safety that was built into our iPhone 6/6s housing is what you get with our iPhone 7/8 housing. Our iPhone 7/8 housing has a corrected dome port which allows for perfect centering of the new camera position of the iPhone 7 & 8, a capacitive touch home button, and adjusted filter assembly.

• Optical dome lens designed for smartphone use, both on land and underwater 
• Optical domes are scratch resistant with anti-reflective coating
• Underwater field of view same as on land 
• No distortion or soft corners     
• Unique dome port safety locking mechanism
• Built-in optical selfie dome lens   
• Two internal “flip” UR Pro color correction filters for accurate underwater colors
• Ergonomically designed controls with access to all smartphone camera functions, including 4K mode
• Access to stills, video, bursts, panoramic, time-lapse, and square shooting modes
• Sleep/Wake push button saves battery and reduces overheating 
VALSTECH Smartphone Protection
• Depth rated and tested to 100 meters
• Smartphone retaining system keeps phone secure
• User friendly safety lock aides in opening and secures proper sealing

Other Features
• No special apps to install. Works with native camera app
• Dual tripod mounts 
• Compact and lightweight

  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Lens Cap
  • Spare O-Ring Kit with Silicone
  • 2 Spare contact tips
  • Silica packs
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Instruction Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Excellent housing

Amazing iPhone 7 housing, I just finished 1 week of 3 dives per day with the housing in Roatan, going down to 60 feet without issues.
Great pictures and movies underwater!

Excellent diving gear

Quality of underwater videos and photos is really very very good.

Great buddy for diving

I bought LenzO for iPhone 7 for scuba diving in Mexico in July. It was working perfectly and I'm so satisfied with underwater pictures and videos I took with this beautiful housing! Every scuba divers and diving instructors I met on the boat were so curious and amazed with my yellow housing and they asked me where they can buy this product. Thank you Valstech for making this fabulous iPhone housing!!

Easy to Use, Impressive!

I used this while snorkeling and diving the Great Barrier and highly recommend it. The first few times, it took a few tries to toggle between photo and video with ease. If you want to save battery, it’s worth practicing how to swipe on the camera when the phone is in off mode. Everything about this housing was intuitive and easy to use. Best of all, I thought my videos and photos turned out great!!

iPhone 7 case and review

Just bought the LenzO for my iphone 7, which I know is a bit dated already, but I did not feel like taking another camera on my trip to the Galapagos. The trip was free dive/snorkel only, which brings a set of challenges to any camera use. I can stay down quite a while, but you have to be fast on shots. Not much time to carefully frame, focus and then shoot on free dive in the shallows. I contrasted the use of the LenzO with a companions gopro use. I would like to stress that none of us are high end photographers, although I dive with them often. That said, here are my thoughts. The buttons to take the photos threw me off a bit. The best one for a fast shot was the one on the bottom of the case. Took me a bit to get used to that. And you had to hold the case with both hands to get a shot. At times it would have been nice to hold on with only one hand and shoot. I got through this by just putting it on video instead for these instances. Switching from photo to video was easy though, as was zooming in, really appreciated that. Image wise, the gopro video was a bit better, but - again, this is the iphone 7. My friend that has an X would get much better results I am sure. Still overall the images were good, the housing never leaked and never fogged up (unlike more than one gopro I have used over the years, and I put my gopros in a housing even the new ones. Salt water is hard on them - I use them at work). In fact, I was rather cavalier with shoving the phone in and out of the housing. I was amazed that I did not have issues. So - great housing. Use of the phone instead of a camera with a more sophisticated sensor will always be a limitation, but worked for me on a two week trip. Note that if you are taking a shot above water after being under, carefully bring the dome up out of the water very slow and smooth a couple of times until the water clears off entirely with no drops. Got some nice shots. Will take it diving next.