DEMA 2016

December 05, 2016





DEMA 2016 was a huge success. Through the sales efforts of the ValsTech team, we were able to establish relationships with dealers, distributors, media agencies and other dive-technology manufacturers over the course of the show. We maintained steady traffic around our booth for the duration of the show, proving to the dive technology community that iPhones are the underwater imaging device of the future. Through our seminars, interviews and demonstrations, we’ve convinced the dive community of the benefits of using their smartphones to film and take photos underwater, as well as the safety, reliability and ease of using the LenzO™.

Customers and dealers approached us with feedback saying that they were most likely to trust their phone with a ValsTech housing rather than a competitor’s housing, and that our housing was packed with more features than any other. In the days following DEMA, we received several emails from our customers in which they praised the product and expressed their eagerness to use it.

We found that trade shows are an effective way of highlighting our product features and generating sales. They allow us to spend time with each individual customer to answer any questions and to explain the features of the product in-depth. For our business, a satisfied customer from a trade show is a potential lead towards online sales and positive exposure in social media. We believe that as the recognition of our brand begins to spread that our trade shows will only get more successful.




Over the course of the show, we teamed up with Ultralight Control Systems and Lume Cube to showcase our housings at other booths and their accessories at our own booth. Our housing is compatible with most third-party grips for housings and lights, so we used this opportunity to cross-promote our products. We sold several third-party grips and directed traffic towards the light producers, and likewise, we received additional traffic sent from the other booths. We also met up with smartphone app producers whose apps are compatible with our housing. We would like to further explore opportunities for cross-promotion after DEMA, since it can provide synergistic relationships between us and these other companies.



Our priorities after DEMA include developing our new housings and accessories, continuing to produce inventory for our existing product line, using our list of contacts to lock in additional dealers and distributors, exploring new channels for marketing and finding sources of funding, be it through Kickstarter or elsewhere. We must ensure that the timelines for the release of our accessories and 7 Plus housing are consistent with the information we told our customers at DEMA.

The LenzO™ is positioned to be the industry leader of underwater smartphone housings. The future is pointing towards a shift from cameras to smartphones, and we are confident that the LenzO™ meets the needs of this increasing trend.

Philip Silverstein
Philip Silverstein


With over 70 years of combined underwater housing manufacturing experience, our project team knows this industry inside and out. 

Valentins (Val) Ranetkins built the first underwater housings for National Geographic. He also started two industry-known manufacturing companies: Amphibico and Aquatica. He held the original patent for the underwater pushbutton, and manufactured the first underwater Dome port lenses.

Manuel Aranda was Val's main mechanical designer at Amphibico. Manuel designed the Amphibicam F900 housing for the Sony F900. To this day, it is the most advanced housing to ever hit the professional market.

Freddy Espinoza is the mechanical designer of the LenzO™ housing. Freddy also designed housings for Val and was the main machinist to work on all of Val's recent projects. 

Anthony Lenzo is an Emmy Award-winning cameraman and underwater cinematographer who has worked with Val and his team on several underwater housing projects. He brings professional user experience to the team and came up with the concept for the LenzO™ housing.

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