The future of underwater imaging is here.

The most innovative, safe and versatile iPhone housing in the industry

Go Professional

Designed by professional underwater photographers for professional scuba divers and water sport enthusiasts

Travel Hassle-free

Compact and convenient for travel with no need for customs declarations (compared to high-end digital cameras)

Our goal is to offer the safest and most versatile high-end iPhone housing in the industry.

Today, smartphone camera performance has advanced so much that they are a great alternative to bulky DSLR cameras. And that’s why we created professional iPhone housings for the amateur and professional scuba diver.

ValsTech housings were designed by the world’s most successful underwater photography specialists. With its compact and user-friendly technology, anyone can easily shoot high-quality movies and pictures. ValsTech's housings are packed with unique features which make them the most versatile underwater iPhone housing solution on the market.

Filmed and shared with iPhone X

High-quality camera with 12 megapixel and 4k at 60 frames per sec.

What sets us apart

Enginereed by underwater specialists for professional and amateur divers

V-Series iPhone X and 11Pro / Pro Package - ValsTech, Inc., Underwater Housings - Lenzo, Underwater Housings - underwater case
  • Total Control

    With its innovative swing-arms the ValsTech housing is the only one giving you full control of your iPhone underwater. No application to install.

  • Pressure Tested to 100m

    ValsTech housings let you go deeper than any other housing. Each unit is tested to operate in high-pressure environments.

  • Two Built-in Color Filters

    High quality internal color correction filters are included. Adapt to the water color with the simple flick of a switch.

  • Patented Dome Lens

    Capture distortion free images using optically corrected domes made specifically for the iPhone lens. Built with a Window rear mask that blocks light reflection.

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And much more....

Other features you can find in all our underwater housings
Robust Aluminium Casing

Machined from solid aluminum and anodized black. The most solid case we ever built. No risk of bending or deformation (V-Series only)

Audio In and Out

Listen to your music underwater while decompressing Record underwater sound

Two Secure iPhone Locking Mechanics

Internal phone and external body locking mechanics click securely into place for greater piece of mind

Convenient External Buttons

On/Off Control - Quick record and gallery view

Easily Mount 3rd Party Accessories

6 threaded holes for mounting accessories such as video lights, arms and trays

Quick Selfie-Mode

Quick reverse camera button to take selfies easily - Built-in selfie lens in back of housing (L- Series only)


V-Series for iPhone X | L-Series for iPhone 6, 7, 8 & PLUS

V-Series for iPhone X


Designed for the iPhone X, our V-Series line of underwater housings are machined from solid aluminum and anodized with a black finish. V-Series is designed for the professional Scuba diver and photographer.

V-Series Pro Package for iPhone X


Designed for the iPhone X, the V-Series Pro-Package is the ultimate kit for today's underwater photographer.

-V-Series Housing
-Wide Angle Lens and
-Light/Grip Bracket

Don’t take our word for it!

Testimonials from customers and professionals

I have to say that it was a joy using the system. I am, again, very impressed with the housing and optics. With the new grips and lens it is an incredible tool for underwater artists! 

The LenzO housings are the most cleverly designed underwater casings for the iPhones. This is the future of underwater compact camera photography

The quality of the video from the camera is superb, 4K stills are perfect. The housing itself is solid and superbly engineered, the locking mechanism works perfectly and I really trust that it will not fail. Filters work well and there is hardly any edge distortion, unlike on my old